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About Us

Janshakti Party (Rashtriya)  is an organisation built on certain principles. It is not centered around any individual, leader, family or dynasty. Its driving force is national approach to all issues rising above caste and religion.

 Janshakti Party (Rashtriya) would guide its political path: – 

*       Commitment to Democracy

*       Commitment to Gandhian Socialism (Gandhian approach to socio-economic issues leading to the establishment of a samaras samaj free from exploitation)

*       Commitment to nationalism and national integration

*       Commitment to positive secularism (sarva dharma sambhava)

*       Commitment to value-based politics


Whether in governance or in opposition, using constitutional means to bring out socio-economic change in the society and is committed to its all-round development on the basis of Integral Humanism with as its core belief. JPR has given space to all the sections of the society irrespective of caste / religious and creed.

Our Team

Meet closer our creative team!


Jwala Singh

President (National)

Sana na

Rajesh Kr Poddar

Vice President (National)


Sandeep Singh

Treasurer (National)