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About Us

Janshakti Party (Rashtriya) is established in 24 July, 2017 was a watershed moment in India’s political history. Janshakti Party suddenly opened the doors for every citizens, There is no promise for admission here. The Janshakti Party is its own party of national citizens, where society is given the first place. Women and Men, old and young, poor and rich – all were welcome as every citizen and Janshakti Party (Rashtriya) in this new party. With the promise to end corruption from the system and put forth a model of alternative politics, the Janshakti Party (Rashtriya) made its grand entry. 


Head Office 12/17, Saket Block-1A, Mandawali, Delhi-110092


+91-9610513390 /
+ 91-9999513390


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